About Creature

Why do you feel different about yourself after creating something beautiful?

We are a collective of artists who have chosen a name that reflects why we engage in art and what motivates us to keep doing so. We believe we are made in the image of our creator, the ultimate artist who designed people to be creative like Him, to have the restless desire to create. It is an instinct as fundamental as breathing.

Art is our way of getting close to the creator, of discovering new things about ourselves and the way He sees us. This is why we hone our skills and encourage each other to keep developing as artists. We also like to nurture creativity in others beyond Creature’s community; we turn people’s houses into galleries for one-off gallery evenings, providing a safe environment where people can display their work, invite their family or friends, and have it appreciated.

The artists in Creature currently produce paintings, textile works, photography, graphic novels and pieces of writing. They are husbands, mothers, sons, brothers, daughters and fathers, going to work and walking down the street. They are ordinary people who have discovered something precious that has profoundly affected their lives.